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General Questions

  • Is Asia Championships a CrossFit HQ event?
    No, it is not. 
  • What are the competitions involved in Asia Championships?
    Manila Throwdown (PH), Beast of the South East (BN), Downtown Throwdown (HK), Korea Throwdown (INC), and Thailand Throwdown (CMX)
  • What should we expect from competing at the Sectional?
    A chance to qualify for Asia's first ever competitive fitness league final, compete against our region's best, apparel from our sport's finest sponsors, and the region's attention and recognition of your fitness. 
  • Is admission free at the Sectionals? 
    Sectional hosts are given the right to charge what they deem fit for spectator admission; athletes who are invited to participate at the Sectionals will have to pay a nominal entrance fee of $100 to compete.
  • Can I still come to any of these throwdowns and compete if I don't get an invite? 
    Of course! The buttons below will direct you to sign up pages for scaled and team options for the throwdowns mentioned above. 


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