Clean sweep, or swept clean?

Written by Melanie Lim, analytics by Ryan Bottoms

The Championships Finals returns in less than a week with eight exciting events over 3 days! Every year, we seek to design and program the most comprehensive tests to find the best our region has to offer. Ladders are a crowd favourite, and we love them as a test as well; the field separates before our very eyes as the best truly emerge at the top. 

In 2015, our heavy ladder was a couplet of handstand walks and heavy deadlifts. The ladder began at 102kg for men, and ended at 184kg with 5 surviving athletes deadlifting for max reps after a slew of handstand walks. 

This year, we're keeping things simple. Our ladder event for 2016 is the Clean Slate. Athletes will complete one clean and jerk every 30 seconds, increasing 5kg per lift for men and 2.5kg for women, with 15 seconds to transition to their next platform. Starting weights for men are 110kg for the Elite, 95kg for the Legacy; women will start their bars at 60kg (Elite) and 50kg (Legacy). 

Forecast assumptions:

  • The estimated clean and jerk weight is based on athletes results from Sectionals Event 2: The Snatch. The recorded max snatch weight was considered to be 80% of the athletes max clean & jerk weight (general range is 78% to 82% per Breaking Muscle, Box Life Magazine and Catalyst Athletics)
  • If the calculated weight equal or exceeded the weight for each round of the ladder, it was forecasted that the athlete would complete that round and move on to the next.
  • If an athlete did not compete in the Sectionals (e.g. those who were participating in the CrossFit Games Regionals), their max clean and jerk was taken from their online CrossFit Games profile and converted to KG.
  • For all calculation a conversion fact of 1KG = 2.20462LB was used.

Who's favoured to win the ladder?

Men forecasted to clear the ladder on Clean Slate are: 

  1.  Hyunho Kim (CrossFit Euddeum) - Korea
    Snatch 129kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 161kg
  2. Cameron Currie (CrossFit Cavaliers) - Hong Kong
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 159kg
  3. Carlos Albaladejo (CrossFit Marvel) - Korea
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 159kg
  4. Clay Braden (Reebok CrossFit Asia) - Japan
    "The Snatch" @ Central Sectional - 120kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 150kg
  5. Daniel Hershey (Reebok CrossFit Asia) - Japan
    "The Snatch" @ Central Sectional - 120kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 150kg
  6. Myung Sik Kwak (CrossFit Limelight) - Korea
    "The Snatch" @ North Sectional - 118kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 148kg
  7. Nicho Mauricio (CrossFit Cranium) - Philippines
    "The Snatch" @ East Sectional - 116kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 145kg


What we've seen so far... 

On the women's side of the table

Women forecasted to top the ladder are:  

  1. Yuko Sakuyama (Reebok Crossfit Roppongi) - Japan
    Estimated Clean & Jerk max - 93kg
  2. Joy Somers (CrossFit Phuket) - Thailand
    "The Snatch" @ Sectionals - 75kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk max - 94kg
  3. Ha Yan Seo (CrossFit Win Your Body) - Korea
    "The Snatch" @ Sectionals - 70kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 88kg
  4. Sarah McCallum (Crossfit Gof Metgot) - GuamEast
    "The Snatch" @ Sectionals - 68kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 85kg
  5. Gemma Lee (CrossFit G-zone) - Korea
    "The Snatch" @ Sectionals - 66kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 83kg
  6. Joyce Gail Reboton (CrossFit FNB Angeles) - Philippines
    "The Snatch" @ Sectionals - 66kg
    Estimated Clean & Jerk - 83kg

What's we've seen so far...

We foresee a tight competition between the women nearer to the top of the leaderboard. There are no tie-breakers for athletes dropping out mid-ladder, so every rep creates much wider separation than other events. Athletes clearing the ladder are also given one final chance to hit their max clean and jerk to separate themselves from the rest. 

Will the accumulated exhaustion from a ladder affect these athletes' ability to reach their true max? Or will the narrow window for attempts truly benefit the technicians amongst us? 

Clean Slate goes down at Bucheon Gymnasium on Saturday afternoon. Join us, and witness the fitness in person!



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