2016 Throne Watch: Emily Crutchley

The combination of strength and finesse at “Walking Dead Returns” had the crowd on its feet, but one unfortunate mishap stole the show. Standing on both hands, petite powerhouse, Emily Cameron's elbow gave way unexpectedly. Gasps filled the room, and the athlete's contention for the podium came to an abrupt end.

This year, she returns to the Championships with brand new resolve.. and a new last name. Here's a snippet of our brief catch up with Emily: 


Mel: Congratulations on the wedding! How does it feel to be Mrs. Crutchley now? 

Em: Married life is awesome. Highly recommend it, best day of my life hands down.

Mel: What was the wedding like? Please tell me there were no pistols or handstand walks involved. 

Em: OMG no. It was a CrossFit-free zone.... apart from a few rogue kiwi aunties sliding up to Ant on the dance floor asking for personal training sessions. 

... and the hair and makeup lady being horrified at the state of my hands.

But he knows me so well that if he can see I’m being slack or making excuses he won’t let me get away with it, and will just quietly say “Come on, Em you’re better than that”, which makes me want to do better!
— Emily, on husband Chris



Mel: How's the elbow healing up?

Em: The elbow was a major mess post Asia Championships last year. When I dislocated it, I tore all the ligaments right through and did major soft tissue damage. The doctors were extremely dubious about me being able to lift with it within the next 12 months. But I just threw myself into rehab and super coach Ant Haynes modified all my training, so I did everything with one arm.

It ended up healing really well, so I was super lucky! That's shaped my training for the last 6 months, really. 

Being told I couldn’t do CrossFit made me realise how much it really meant to me, and I’m so grateful to be able to do it at all now.

I'm really happy. I think I'm much more mature and chilled out as an athlete as a result!

Mel: That's great! We're really excited to have you back this year. 

Em: Yeah me too! I'm really pumped. Unfinished business!


stronger together

Mel: You obviously have big goals competing in fitness, and rightfully so. How has Chris handled this? 

Em: He's great, we train at the same time in the mornings. He does the competitors programming in the classes while I'm doing my own training, so while it's good having him around, he mostly just leaves me to my own devices.

He's just very patient and calm about about things, so that reflects onto me when I get super wound up if I've had a bad training session. Sometimes I lose my cool and he knows to just ignore me!

But he knows me so well that if he can see I'm being slack or making excuses he won't let me get away with it and will just quietly be like "Come on Em you're better than that" which makes me want to do better!

Emily Crutchley is returning to the Championships with a fire under her belly, to claim a performance left unfulfilled in 2015. She trains under the watchful eye of coaches Ant and Ed Haynes at Coastal Fitness Performance Training, Hong Kong.

Follow her road to the Championships on Instagram @emilyjean_nz. 

Sign up to compete alongside her: http://www.asiachampionshipsofficial.com/qualifier

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