LIVE FROM THE FINALS: Something About Mary

Day 2 began at the crack of 8am, with a monster mash up of classics like Mary and Cindy. The workout consisted of movements like strict pull ups, strict handstand push ups and pistols. Masters' women were up first, tackling the movements with a legally prescribed kip.

Despite the early heats, the competition ground filled up early with friends from near and far gathering to cheer for their favorite athletes. Leigh Coates and Merwin Torres (FnB Box) claiming victories for the morning event.

It was struggleville for many of the beginning heats today with the strict gymnastics movements not being in many of the athlete’s favors. Coaches yelled, fans  and boxmates cheered and there was even laughter from athletes after more than plenty of no-reps from the judges. However, later heats proved they were beyond ready for the challenge, with Yuko Sakuyama breezing through the event in 7:11 - a solid 1:21 separation from second place finisher, Christen McCool. 

My plan for this event was to go in and do the movements unbroken as fast as I can. But after a couple of reps down, I had to break up my pull-ups because my arms were starting to feel tired.
— Yuko Sakuyama, Reebok CrossFit Daikanyama

On Something About Mary, boxes were laid out in front of the athletes to prevent them from utilizing a kipping motion. This proved to be one of the most frustrating factors for athletes, espescially during the last two rounds.

Determined to unseat yesterday's champion, Antonio Barrias set the engine roaring right off the gates, leaving Ant Haynes no choice but to play catch up to the pocket rocket. Eventually, the close battle between Barrias, Haynes (Ant) and Park (Jihwan) featured a landslide victory for the Macau representative, with an impressive finish at 5:39.

My goal from this WOD was to go as fast as I can, try to go as long as possible when I go unbroken, and try not to get no repped for stupid things… oh and to beat Ant (Haynes).
— Antonio Barrias, event winner for Something About Mary

Master’s Women Event Results:

  1. Leigh Coates (12:35)
  2. Belinda Halcrow (12:45)
  3. Yujin Chung (13:27)

Master’s Men Event Results:

  1. Merwin Torres (9:47)
  2. Rick Johannessen (1:11 CAP +1:11)
  3. Kyungtaek Kang (11:00 CAP+1:13)

Women’s Event Results:

  1. Yuko Sakuyama  (7:11)
  2. Christen McCool (8:20)
  3. Vanessa Fung (8:35)

Men’s Event Results:

  1. Antonio Barias (5:39)
  2. Ant Haynes (5:51)
  3. Jihwan Park (6:08)
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