Fan Battle Team Spotlight: Michael Mogard

The head coach at Reebok CrossFit 673 in Brunei and one of the masterminds behind the Asia Championships, coach Mo has competed in the CrossFit Games Regional (Asia) thrice. His best finish was in 2013, where he was crowned the Fittest Man in Asia and represented the region in the 2013 CrossFit Games.

This is what Mo's dream team looks like:




You can't be considered one of the fittest men in Asia without knowing a little bit about your competition. Mo has trained with, competed with, or watched many of the competitors in the this years competition, so it is no surprise that his male picks are spread throughout the seeds.

Daniel Hershey ($34) represented Asia in the 2012 CrossFit Games, finishing his best heat on someone else's bike. Hershey believes that training day in and day out to perform his absolute best during competition - as was evidenced by his impressive Walking Dead time of 12:45 (5th overall in the Championships). 

From the North Sectional, SunJae Han ($24) of 4TP CrossFit brings a 255lbs. clean and jerk along with one of the best times in the Last Call events. Twenty-fourth seed Dylan Goddard ($18) from CrossFit Bukit Timah in Singapore was names fittest male in Singapore after the 2015 Open season. Hailing from South Africa, Dylan has experience competing at a high level in rugby, bodybuilding and athletics, but has found nothing to be a fulfilling as CrossFit. With a strong showing at Sectionals, Dylan is sure to make an impact in Bangkok.

Emerging from the Manila Throwdown with a podium finish, 27th seed Inigo Dulay ($14) is ready to rise to yet another challenge and show his team pride at the Championships. Finishing the Walking Dead in 4 minutes and 20 seconds, Inigo looks to leverage his skill set this weekend.

Not one to overlook the significant effort put in at his own gym, Coach Mo made sure he had RCF 673's Nadzri Harif on his roster. Always acting with boundless passion and unapologetic enthusiasm, Nadzri not only coaches at RCF673 but is also a national radio DJ and professional magician. Nadzri has a strong sporting past, especially in endurance sports (and spinning classes) stating nothing beats the adrenaline rush when you're on the competition floor. 


Mikes team includes some strong contenders for a podium on the female side as well. Mo's first selection from our 31 female athletes he saw compete at multiple CrossFit Games regionals. One of the few people who enjoys HSPU, 3rd seed Yuko Sakuyama ($38) is fresh off representing Asia at RCF Daikanyama at the 2015 event in Australia (having also participated in the 2013 and 2014 regionals). The sports science graduate is a Japanese powerlifting champion in 57kg class and continues to show Japan how CrossFit can change peoples lives for the better.

Coming out of Hong Kong's CrossFit CSTL, Barbara "Babs" Mountain ($21) brings her Walking Dead time of 15:05 to the Championships. An 11-year member of the Hong Kong National Field Hockey Team, Babs has trained tirelessly in a variety of forms and earned multiple coaching certifications in her pursuit for excellence in CrossFit.

A podium finisher at the Central Sectional, 19th seed Minji Kim ($16) was consistent in all events throughout the weekend, never finishing in the top 4 in 5 of 7 events. Minji started taekwondo at the age of 8 and has pursued various athletics ever since. She will never give up and is all about gritting her teeth to get through the WOD, especially ones like Fight Gone where you just need to get it done.

"It was my first off-island competition and my first time winning an individual event. I had never thought of myself as a competitor and honestly didn't believe that I would even qualify for sectionals. It taught me to have more faith in my abilities and to never limit myself." There are many reasons to love 21st seed Amy Reyes ($14), but the Telecommunications Specialist knows how to turn it on when it's game time and we can't wait to see her light up the competition floor. Clearly Mo sees this as well as Amy is on his Fan Battle team.

Despite only making her competition debut last year in Beast of the South East, 24th seed Natasha Mendoza's ($9) has quickly become a crowd favourite. The ex-cheerdancer is a lifelong athlete and loves the energy of being on the floor and competing. The recently elected Box Manager of CFMNL South cites being in Pacific Regionals with her team as an eye opening experience. 

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